A beautifully poetic continuation, loopback thoughtflow John Brodix Merryman Jr. Thank you for engaging with my first Medium share so deeply, it’s an honour.

The spiritual absolute is the essence of sentience”, this resonates. Something in my intuition feels as though this sentience, this experiencing of existence, is something our emerged strain of consciousness has the opportunity to be a custodian for … for ours and many of the forms of it.

This can only happen, though, if we manage to be unstuck from those anarchies of desire and tyrannies of judgement you speak of … not to feel and see ourselves as separate, severed, but fully immersed within the tides of it all. Biomimicry is one practice that could allow us to realise this opportunity.

Digital Communicator, Ecological Design Thinker, Conservation & Community Enthusiast, Budding Biomimic and human with so much to learn... just like you.

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